Monday, November 8, 2010

Lost My Pidgin

Transplanted locals...we are everywhere. We grew up in Hawaii, but for different reasons we have ended up far away from our island home. We are a distinct bunch. We remember things like picking mangoes with a long stick with a bag on the end, picking limu in the ocean, catching crayfish in the stream, telling potagee jokes, going to Magic Island for picnics, eating Matsumoto's shave ice, Leonard's malasadas, and Rainbow Drive-In plate lunches.

We wore rubber slippers before they were flip flops and we can think of many uses for them. We can swat a fly, kill a kaka roach, or gather a bunch of slippers and make a starting line for a race. We know how to get the little nub shoved into the hole when someone steps on the back of our slippers and makes it come apart. We know that you never wear your "good" slippers to a party because if someone leaves before you, they might take your "good" slippers.

We know the meaning of li' dat, da kine, hanabata, hammajang, and uji. Unfortunately, many of us live far away now and when we say things like li' dat, da kine, hanabata, hammajang, and uji, they just don't sound right. For me at least, I know that I have somehow LOST MY PIDGIN.

In an effort to maintain my localness, I have decided to assist transplanted locals like me. I will be posting my thoughts about being a local girl on the mainland. I'll also post recipes because we all know that sometimes it isn't easy finding kalua pig, malasadas, and coco puffs when you are so far from home. You probably have an easier time if you are on the west coast where there is an abundance of locals, but here in the midwest and other areas, it isn't as easy.

So, join me on my quest to bring some local style food, fun, and aloha to the mainland. Feel free to comment, request recipes, or tell everyone about local finds in your area. Leave a comment here or email me at


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